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About TOM

A dynamic, driven and focused innovator with a keen eye for strategy and development, Tom has experience in evolving small businesses into market-leading SMEs whilst retailing niche products and services. Coming from an automotive export background, Tom has spent time serving both the UK and North American markets with luxury products and bespoke experiences. From coordinating new product launches to developing international sales and marketing teams, Tom has a track record of business management and a seasoned ability to conceptualise and implement long term business plans to ensure dynamic growth.



It is rare to come across a standout talent like Tom. I had the pleasure of working with him on a project where he brought ambition and decisive leadership to an already well structured concept. I was particularly impressed by Tom’s charisma and the ability he had to command a room and get people on board with ideas.
— Mr J. Crosby
I am a US-based individual who has had the pleasure of working with Tom on a restored vehicle project.  I was able to travel to the UK on two separate occasions, and I visited with Tom each trip.  I was immediately impressed with Tom’s drive, ambition and business acumen.  He has a passion for the luxury automotive market, and an intimate knowledge thereof (not to mention fine watches and whiskeys). Equally important is the fact that Tom is a genuinely likable individual, and I hope the opportunity presents itself in the future to once again do business with him.
— Mr B. Blythe
Tom is a man of remarkable drive and ambition. He excels in the face of what many would perceive unconquerable and utilises his inimitable strategic and analytical forethought to propel any venture forward with eloquence regardless of the genre. Tom is a true leader of men with a passion for entrepreneurship and I have no doubt that we will continue to work together for many years to come.
— Mr G. Spicer

I have worked with Tom for many years with various projects. Tom has an excellent track record with managing a team and extracting the best from his colleagues. Tom is a methodical thinker and excels with processing situations, analysing and providing a solution. Tom is a very driven character and I am always very confident when he’s involved in one of our projects.
— Mr D. Senadhira
Tom was instrumental in helping me make the most significant luxury vehicle purchase of my life thus far. He’s got uniquely keen senses that allow him to blend professional advice with a truly personal touch, and that allowed me to place my trust in the brand that he represented. Having a vehicle custom built from thousands of miles away in another country is not a natural prospect for most, but without Tom’s involvement and guidance, I’m not sure I would have taken the leap of faith that has now led to the ownership of the vehicle of my dreams. Tom is a world-class consultant and a man of his word, so I consider myself lucky to have had experienced his salesmanship, guidance and support throughout my project’s journey.
— Mr D. Tse
After knowing Tom for a number of years, I’ve seen him in most situations and how he deals with said situations. Tom is extremely solution-oriented and usually has a unique way of looking at a problem. Hard-working and with a tongue of silver, this is the man you want when it comes to sales, promotion or speaking out in front of a crowd.
— Mr H.K. Hartvig

Tom is an extraordinary individual. I had the pleasure of working with Tom while he oversaw a premier organisation for bespoke Land Rover Defender vehicles. I highly recommend Tom to anyone for any endeavour as he’s a consummate professional with excellent communication and leadership skills, a knack for problem-solving and superior organisational acumen.

Besides being extremely organised, Tom has exceptional interpersonal communication to ensure everyone leaves their interactions with him more knowledgeable and gratified. Tom’s operation was much more complex and expansive than I expected and Tom’s contribution to the organisation’s development from a small one bay shop to a multi-building assembly line approach remains quite impressive.
— Mr. H. G.